BoHua offers two academic tracks for our Chinese language program, CTC and CTE. Here are some important information about these programs.

CTC (Chinese Taught in Chinese): This program is designed for children of Chinese heritage, for those who could understand Chinese fairly well, and the language is used as the primary language at the child's home. In this program, we teach Chinese as a heritage language, and the curriculum is designed by Dr. Ma, founder of the Stanford Chinese School. Please check out the website:

And there is a parent's training webinar at

All CTC parents, please take some time to watch this above video so you know how to help your kids to succeed.

CTE (Chinese Taught in English): This program is designed for children of non-Chinese heritage, for those who do not fit in the profile served by CTC. In this program, we teach Chinese as a foreign language, and the curricula are designed by YCT . The YCT test was developed by Hanban in an effort to encourage non-Chinese speaking primary and secondary school students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language proficiency. It consists of four levels in line with the HSK testing system, with the highest level equivalent to HSK Level 3.

Please note that it is extremely important your children are placed in the right program and level. If you have any doubt about which class your children might fit in at BoHua, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you determine the best place for your children. In addition, the success of your kid's Chinese language study largely depends on the parents' involvement. Please remember to check your kid's homework, volunteer at the school, and discuss with teachers regarding your children's study. In addition, please communicate with us right away when you have any concerns/issues/questions regarding your children' study at BoHua. We will try our best to work with you to have your issues resolved and/or questions answered.

Thank you for your support!

The BoHua Academic Team