Fall 2022 Registration is Open!

Please click here to register for the courses starting Monday, 7/18/2022. You must register before Sunday, 8/7/2022, to receive an early registration discount of $10 for each class. After Sunday, 08/14/2022, each class will have a $10 late registration fee. Tuition and textbook payment:

Starting this semester, Bohua can take credit card (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) payments and not charge parents additional fees. Please click on "Pay Balance" to use this feature. We strongly encourage everyone to pay with a credit card for these reasons:

1. Your balance due will be updated immediately after payment.

2. You will help Bohua save a 3% fee, and you will help us save time from manually updating accounts.

Dropping courses and refunds:

Bohua provides a full refund for classes dropped during the first week of the semester, a 75% refund during the second week, and no refund after 08/31/2022. This applies to language classes (CTC, CTE) and extracurricular (EC) classes.

So that you know, we can't refund the textbook cost after the wrapper is opened.