【BOHUA】Principal Newsletter 02/04/2018

Post date: Feb 05, 2018 12:49:45 AM


Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members,

• 为庆祝春节(又叫农历新年),下周日(2/11/2018)的课程时间有特别安排。

1. 所有的EC课程取消。所有的中文课程提前到1 ~ 3PM

2. 3PM下课后,3~4PM 在饭厅玩游戏

3. 游戏结束后,4~5PM在礼堂表演节目

To celebrate the Spring Festival (aka Lunar Calendar New Year), the class schedule of next Sunday (2/11/2018) will be special.

1. All the EC classes of next Sunday will be cancelled。All the CTC and CTE classes will be moved one hours earlier to 1~ 3PM

2. After the CTC and CTE classes finished at 3PM,there will be games in the Cafeteria from 3PM to 4PM

3. After the games in the Cafeteria ended,the special performance will be held in the Auditorium from 4PM to 5PM.

• 因为1/22下雪停课,学校于2/18周日补课。2/18日的课程安排与平日相同,EC, CTC, CTE的课程都会上课。

The school closed on 1/22 because of the snow, Bohua will have 2/18 as the makeup school day. All the EC, CTC, CTE classes will have classes on 2/18 in regular hours.


Thank you for your support of Bohua,


Wei Dong / 董伟