【BOHUA】Principal Newsletter 08/27/2017

Post date: Aug 28, 2017 2:8:42 AM


Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

• 2017-2018学年开学,今天语言和EC课都已开课,教学进入正轨,谢谢大家的共同努力。

With all of us work together and work hard, the 2017~2018 School Year is into normal track, in both language classes and EC classes. Thanks to all of you.

• 因为银行不再给学校提供P2P付款的memo,导致学校无法将家长们已缴付的学费按家庭号码入账。请使用P2P缴纳学费的家庭,将你们的P2P缴费记录和你们的家庭号码电子邮件发给 gaoyuanfang@yahoo.com , 并在邮件题头注明“Bohua P2P memo: (Family Number #---)”。由此银行操作给大家带来的不便,学校表示歉意。

Because the bank no longer provide us the P2P payment memo, we cannot match your payments with the bank transactions, such that your payment cannot be booked into your family account.

So, for those who had made P2P payments this term, please email your P2P bank transaction to gaoyuanfang@yahoo.com . (A screenshot as attachment is one of such solutions.) Please add “Bohua P2P memo: (family number #---)” in the email subject. We are sorry about the inconvenience that brought to us by this bank operation change.

• 学校希望值班家长能够尽职尽责,按时出勤,给任课老师和学生们提供帮助。如果因个人原因无法按期在课堂值班的,请尽早与其他家长联系换班。特别是低年级的值班家长,对于老师维持正常的教学进度,优化教学质量非常重要。希望家长们遵守这个值班家长制度。

The classroom parents should be in the classroom to provide assistance in turn. If you were not able to go to the class due to family emergency, please talk to other parents as early as possible to exchange your schedule. The classroom parents is very important especially for younger student classes, it can affect the teaching schedule and teaching quality of the classes. Thank you for your cooperation to follow the rule of classroom parents.

• 不担任值班家长的家长们,学校不鼓励家长们在教室旁听。如果想在教室旁听,请不要占用教室的座位,及时把座位让给晚些到教室的孩子们。以保证孩子们的学习质量。

The school don’t encourage the parents not on-duty (of classroom parents) sit aside in the classroom. If you wanted to sit in the classroom, please don’t use the seats in the classroom, and always give the seats to the students. The school put the study quality of our students at the 1st priority.

• 下周日(9/3)是劳动节,学校放假。下次课程在9/10.

The next Sunday (9/3) is Labor Day weekend, we will not have class on 9/3.

The coming class day will be 9/10.


Thank you for your support of Bohua,


Wei Dong, PhD / 董伟


On behalf of BOHUA executive committee