Principal Newsletter 01/05/2017

Post date: Jan 06, 2017 4:48:4 AM


Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

大家新年好!我们将于本周日(1/8/2017)开始新学期的课程, 包括所有的CTC, CTE, EC 课程。

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and the snow day today! We will start our classes this Sunday (1/8/2017), which include all the CTC, CTE, EC courses.

2017年春季又新加了两门适合家长的EC课程, 如有兴趣,请在学校网站注册。

We added another two EC courses for adults, please register on the school website if you are interested in the courses.

o ECTJ23 Taiji KungFu Fan 56 Moves 太极功夫扇56式,2:00~3:00 PM, Hallway 400 Level

o ECDC45 Adult Dance Club 成人舞蹈班,4:00~5:00 PM, Hallway 400 Level



Wei Dong / 董伟

Acting Principal