Principal Newsletter 01/11/2017

Post date: Jan 12, 2017 3:42:21 AM


Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members,

• 本周日(1/15/2017)休假,博华不上课。

There will be no class this Sunday (1/15/2017) due to MLK Day.

• 下周日(1/22/2017)正常上课。

Next Sunday (1/22/2017) will be a normal class day

• 为庆祝2017春节,中国祝芝加哥总领馆,江西文化厅,江西外侨办主办“欢乐春节-美丽江西”大型文艺晚会将于2/12/2017(星期天)晚6:30在丹佛布尔剧院演出。演出单位是江西省艺术团。作为专业艺术团体,会有非常精彩的节目。演出网站为 博华中文学校于下周日(1/22/2017)代售演出票。普通票价$15. 贵宾席位票价$50.

To celebrate the 2017 Spring Festival, a gala will be performed by the Performing Arts Troupe of Jiangxi province, China in Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, Denver on 2/12/2017 (Sunday). The show will start at 6:30PM. Exciting performs could be expected from the professional arts troupe of China. The website of the performance is BOHUA will have the event tickets for sale on 1/22/2017 (Sunday). The regular ticket price is $15, and the honor ticket price is $50.



Wei Dong / 董伟

Acting Principal