Principal Newsletter 12/2/2016

Post date: Dec 02, 2016 8:37:34 PM



1. 我校收到BVSD通知,本周日12/4/2016,

Fairview High School 将有 Football Banquet。因此cafeteria的EC课程将调整至wrestling room. 请将摔跤垫挪边后使用教室。

2. 因学校本周日人员较多,我们将临时增加志愿人员。请大家多注意小孩安全,禁止学生在过道奔跑打闹。

3. 本周日12/4/2016将在办公室收集学生和家长对任课老师的感谢礼金。按惯例,学校将准备每位任课老师的感谢卡和信封,供家长和学生捐赠使用。

4. 本周日12/4/2016正常上课。下周日12/11/2016是本学期最后一次课。2017年春季的第一次课是01/08/2017。

5. 本月中旬会开始下学期课程注册,具体细节将另行通知。



Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

FYI, the near future schedule of BOHUA Chinese School is:

1. Per notice of BVSD, there will be a Football Banquet in the Fairview High School on 12/4/2016 Sunday. As a result, the EC class in the Cafeteria will be moved to the Wrestling Room this Sunday. Please roll up the wrestling mattress before using the Wrestling Room.

2. We will have extra volunteers this Sunday (12/4/2016) because more people are expected in the school building. Please watch out the safety of the students. Running and mock fight in the school building is not allowed.

3. The Thankful Gift to the teachers will be collected in the office this Sunday (12/4/2016). As usual, BOHUA will prepare the cards and envelops with the teacher's name on them, in which the parents/students can deposit the thankful money.

4. 12/4/2016 (this Sunday) is a normal school day. 12/11/2016 (next Sunday) will be the last school day of the 2016 Fall Semester. The 1st school day of 2017 Spring Semester will be 01/08/2017 Sunday.

5. BOHUA will start the 2017 Spring Semester registration in the middle of this month. Another email notice will be sent out when the registration is ready to open.

Thank you very much for your dedication and help to the BOHUA Chinese School.



Wei Dong / 董伟

Acting Principal