Principal Newsletter 12/4/2016

Post date: Dec 06, 2016 4:38:53 PM




我们将于下周日(12/11/2016)1:15PM开始,把学生的感谢转交给当时上EC课的老师们。然后从2:15PM开始,把学生的感谢转交给当时上CTC, CTE, EC课的老师们。如果您想对您的老师送上感谢,但今天没来得及签名的话,请务必于下周截止时间之前到办公室签名。

另外,今天如果哪位从办公室拿走了标注为 “CTC-10AP B班 Xiaoping Ma 张小萍” 的感谢卡信封,尚未交给张老师的话,请于下周日2:10PM之前放回办公室,以便其他同学为张老师签名表示感谢。


Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

Greatly appreciate your support and help, the Bohua school activities well accomplished today. We got plentiful thanks and blesses from the parents to the teachers.

Next Sunday (12/11/2016), the school will send the thankful cards and gift money to the EC classrooms starting on 1:15PM. And then we will deliver the cards and gift money to the rest of the CTC, CTE, EC class teachers starting on 2:15PM. If you wanted to give gifts to your teacher but had not signed your name today, please come to the office before the cutoff time next Sunday.

BTW, if you found a Thankful Card Envelop for "CTC-10AP B班 Xiaoping Ma 张小萍”, and had not given it to Xiaoping teacher, please bring it to the office before 2:10PM next Sunday, in case other students/parents wanted to sign the card.



Wei Dong / 董伟

Acting Principal