Principle Newsletter 03/16/2017

Post date: Mar 17, 2017 4:49:32 AM


Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

上周日 (3/19/2017) Fairview高中教学楼除我们的日常教学以外,还同时有签证受理和Fairview高中的一项庆祝活动。所以教学楼比较拥挤。有些学生在我们租用的教学区域外活动,引起了学区的一些关注。

Last Sunday (3/19/2017), besides our regular classes, the school had other two concurrent events. One is the Chinese Visa application, and another is a swim banquet of Fairview High. Some of our students played around beyond the classrooms we rented, which caused inconveniences, and brought attentions of the school district.

学校敦请家长们和老师们提醒学生在我们租用的教学区域活动 (主要是 Level_600, Level_800 区域)。也请志愿服务人员注意观察管理学生。如果有学生到教学区域外活动,请将其劝回。如果有学生在过道奔跑打闹,请及时制止。

The parents and teachers, please remind the students to stay in the areas that BOHUA rented. (Mainly in Level_600 and Level_800 areas). Also the volunteers please watch the students, keep them staying within our teaching areas, and stop the students if they ran or mock fought in the school.



本周日 3/19/2017 学校正常上课。1-3 PM 同时有中国签证代理。

下周日 3/26/2017 春假,不上课。

A friendly remind, the coming Sunday (3/19/2017) is a regular school day. The Chinese Visa application will also be in the school at 1-3 PM.

The next Sunday (3/26/2017) will be Spring break without class.





Wei Dong / 董伟


On behalf of BOHUA executive committee