The School starts this Sunday, 8/21

Post date: Aug 20, 2016 1:25:1 AM

Dear Bohua students and parents,

School starts this Sun.!

All languages classes start on this day. Extracurricular classes starts the next Sun. 8/28. There is no extracurricular classes on this Sun.

AP-A class starts at 1PM, AP-B starts at 3PM. All other classes start at 2PM.

The first school day is usually a hectic one. Please plan to arrive early, and expect delays, and lines to get your ordered text books, and to pay tuition.

The electronic pay option is available 24x7. I highly recommend it over waiting in lines at the office to pay tuition. Instructions are located here: In case you choose to pay with a check, it’s very important to write your Family ID on the check so we know which account you are paying for. You can find your family ID after you login to your account.

Picking up your ordered text books

Please check your enrollment in advance to make sure you know whether or not you have ordered textbooks. Not all students ordered. If you have, I recommend for you to arrive at 1:30PM. There will be volunteers distributing textbooks in the hallway. Dong, Wei will be in charge. Please follow their instructions to get your ordered textbooks.

One exception is AP textbooks will be distributed in the AP classroom by Wu, Biping because of the early start time of AP-A class. So students of AP-A class please plan to arrive at 12:45PM.

You must have enjoyed a wonderful summer! Now welcome back to school!


Jim Liao


Bohua Chinese School