Registration and Payment

Registration is required for all new families. Please click HERE to register for the courses.  

For existing students, the school will automatically roll over all the courses currently registered by each family to the next semester. 

Please pay attention to the following notes:

1. If you do NOT need to make any changes, please go ahead to pay the tuition online.

2. If you need to drop/add classes or make any changes to your registration, please click HERE and login to your account.

3. The school will order the CTC and CTE textbooks unless notified.  

Cancellation and Refunds

Bohua allows students to drop courses after the school starts. Full refund will be given for courses dropped during the first week of the semester. 75% refund during the second week, and there will be NO refund after the first 2 classes. This policy applies to both language classes (CTC, CTE), and  extracurricular (EC) classes. The refund will be in credit.