Hope Han


Email: ghh100010@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Hope Han. I’ll be the new teacher for CTE-K. I spent my childhood in Shanghai before moving to Colorado with my family at the age of 12, and I will be in my senior year of high school when the fall semester starts. I always loved to tutor and help others, and I’m also always eager to learn. This will be my very first year of teaching, so please bear with me as I figure out the basics and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

I am currently living with my parents, my older sister, and my younger twin brother in the town of Superior. I love to doodle, watch anime, play video games, and spend time with family & friends in my spare time.

I will do my very best to teach and maintain a safe space in the classroom for everyone. I can’t wait to meet all of you and let’s all wish for a fun and productive year!




Email: xiaomei.bergstrom@gmail.com

Hello everyone!  My name is Xiaomei. I will be the new teacher for CTE-1 Class. Mandarin is my native language.  I lived in Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing before moving to Colorado.  I had my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in Mainland China.  I also obtained an MBA degree with concentrations in Marketing and Finance from University of Texas at Austin.  I was a marketing professional in a couple of fortune 500 US companies in my earlier career.  Now I am a Banker and Assistant Vice President at FirstBank, Colorado.


It is hard to believe I have been in Colorado for more than 15 years.  We love Colorado and enjoy hiking, skiing and many things we can do in this beautiful state.  I am a mom of two boys, Dennis and Max, who are also with me in this fun Chinese learning journey.   


Thanks to Bohua Chinese School and parents for providing me this teaching opportunity.  I am honored and excited to be your teacher and really look forward to meeting each of you.  Let’s have an amazing school year!

Winni Chen


Email:  winni9006@gmail.com

Ms. Chen graduated from Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, and studied preschool education for three years and obtained a certificate. 

She has served as a preschool class teacher in Guangzhou Kindergarten for many years. During this period, she had participated in many educational seminars organized by the Guangzhou Education Bureau and visited and studied in various campus. Cheerful personality, happy learning atmosphere is the original intention of Mr. Chen. She likes to communicate with children, likes diversified teaching, and is good at infiltrating music, rhythm, nursery rhymes, games, riddles, stories, etc. into Chinese learning, so as to stimulate children's learning interest and enthusiasm.

Jing Lu


Email:  jingshco@gmail.com

Hello, everyone! (大家好) I’m Jing Lu, and you may call me Mrs. Lu or 静静老师(Teacher Jing

Jing). My first job was as an English teacher in Shanghai many years ago. Now I am back to the classroom to have fun with you mainly in Chinese. 

To better teach you, I spent a few months on learning how to teach Chinese. Finally I passed the written and oral tests before obtaining the CTCSOL certificate (国际中文教师证书)。In the classroom, we may learn Chinese language through Listen, Speak, Reading and Writing (听,说,读,写)。 Sounds so hard, but you will make progress when you keep trying.Also, I’d love to say thanks to the parents. 

Thank you for supporting your kid(s) to learn Chinese language and culture. We may work as a team to help them if needed.

Yiqiao Chang


Email: chyiqiao@gmail.com

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Bohua! My name is Yiqiao Chang. You can call me Elaine while students can call me Chang Laoshi (Teacher Chang). I started to teach in Bohua/CTE 12 years ago when my first kid was born. Now I am a mother of two.

 I love the Chinese language and enjoy trying out new teaching ideas with kids. I believe language is the key to knowing the culture. It will be my great privilege to help your kid(s) to know more about our language and culture. 

My hobby is reading, writing and quiet nature hikes. Let’s explore together not only with book lessons, but also with games and voiceover stories.